Discover new adventures in the compact Pilote Atlas!

What do you use your motorhome for?

Perhaps you enjoy travelling far and wide to places you’ve never been before, seeing the best of Europe and further afield.

Or maybe you love walking, cycling or even great food.

Your motorhome allows you to enjoy your favourite pastime with ease, offering a fantastic and welcoming base for you to return to at the end of the day.

However, no matter what you use your motorhome for, it’s crucial to find one that offers both a great heritage and fantastic build quality.

What’s more, a compact bodyshell and everything you could need on board will help you journey further than ever, in complete comfort.

Compact and comfortable

That’s where the all-new Pilote Atlas comes in.

To celebrate its 60th birthday, Pilote has joined forces with Ford for the first time since the 1980s.

The result is a stunning Transit-based, two-model range of low-profiles focused firmly on adventure.

For starters, take a look at the two-berth Pilote Atlas A656D.

This 6.6-metre model may be compact, but it offers an incredible amount of space inside, including in the large lounge up front.

There’s even a fantastic cross-width washroom – shut the door and there’s masses of room to change, ready for your adventures ahead.

Or you might prefer the rear-fixed bed of the 7.0-metre, four-berth Pilote Atlas A696G.

Like its sibling, the A696G is compact in width at just 2.69m. It also has an incredibly roomy garage at the back – ideal for storing bikes, walking poles and muddy boots.

A stunning specification

No matter which Pilote Atlas model you go for, you’re guaranteed high quality and a great specification as standard.

In the kitchen you’ll find a large fridge and an oven – perfect for cooking up your favourite meals at the end of a busy day outdoors.

A comfortable bed drops down over the roomy lounge at night, promising you a brilliant night’s rest.

The interior is beautifully designed and well-built, reflecting Pilote’s six decades of motorhome-building experience.

The amount of storage available is incredible, too, and there’s a 485kg payload to allow you to carry all of the kit you could possibly need.

The drive of your life

Meanwhile, the Ford cab is also fantastically equipped, for a truly relaxing drive.

You’ll find an automatic gearbox, collision alert, lane-departure warning, cruise control and so much more.

And with the Atlas’s narrow chassis, 16-inch wheels and all-weather tyres, your new Pilote low-profile is ready and waiting to take you on adventures you never thought possible.

For more on Pilote, visit its website.

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