Get out and get Active in Adria’s all-new compact campervan

Here at Practical Motorhome, we love motorhomes as much as you do. Big or small, full-facility or minimalist, there really is a motorhome out there for everyone.

But we appreciate that full-size coachbuilts aren’t always the best choice.

After all, they require a lot of space to store and park up when you’re on the road. You’re also more likely to have to pay a higher price for a ferry crossing, too.

And that’s not all – with times being tight for all of us at the moment, it can make much more sense to swap your car for a campervan, giving you the best of both worlds in just one vehicle.

Full facilities on board

You might think that such a vehicle – complete with all the facilities you need on board – would be tricky to find.

But after the recent launch of Adria’s Active campervan, getting the perfect model for your needs is now more achievable than ever.

In fact, we at Practical Motorhome love the Adria Active so much that it won our prestigious Best Small Campervan Award.

There are a number of reasons why this model snatched our trophy, but key to its success is the fact that it packs a huge amount of kit into its 5m length.

For starters, check out the kitchen – it features everything required for you to cook up a storm.

A 42-litre fridge will hold all your provisions with ease, and there’s a one-burner hob for easy meal preparation.

You can enjoy your food while seated at the foldable table inside the campervan, or swivel the front seats for a different view.

Alternatively, throw open both the side double doors and enjoy a meal alfresco.

Space for all your kit

As its name suggests, the Active is perfect for those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

The rear bench seat can be moved forwards and backwards to create a large storage space at the back – it’s even big enough for a bike.

Cupboards and cubby holes feature throughout the Active, so there’s somewhere to store all the kit you need for your adventures.

There’s even a connection point for an outdoor shower – ideal for hosing off muddy boots on your return.

Sleep soundly in comfort

Of course, you’ll want somewhere to sleep, too – and with four spacious berths, the Active is the perfect place to bed down at the end of a busy day.

The bench seat folds flat to make a comfortable double, and you’ll find a further two berths in the pop-up roof.

The latter features a clever mesh section – simply unzip the fabric and you’ll get an unrivalled view of the world (or campsite) around you.

That’s not all – the Active is based on the Renault Trafic, so you’re guaranteed a comfortable, safe ride as standard.

But the best news of all? The Adria Active costs from just £52,990 – so it’s great value, as well as being your perfect daily-driver campervan.

For more information on Adria, visit its website.

You can also find Adria on Facebook.