Motorhomers warned of “common insurance misunderstanding” that could cost over £10,000 when touring in Europe

Motorhome and campervan owners planning to head to Europe this year are being urged to watch out for a “common insurance misunderstanding” that could otherwise lead to a cost of £10,150.

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The warning was issued by Ripe Motorhome Insurance, and comes at a time when many ‘van owners will be planning their 2024 tours, be it to one of the best campervan sites in the UK or a European trip.

Motorhome owners planning a trip to the EU, however, are being urged to check their policy documents and not assume their protection will cover them when driving in Europe. The cover can be reduced even for owners with a comprehensive policy, Ripe warned, to either the “minimum legal requirement, or third-party liability, when travelling in EU or EEA (European Economic Area) countries.”

While this would still cover you should your ‘van injure someone during a collision or damage another vehicle, it would not cover damage to the ‘van itself, or a total write-off.

For comprehensive cover, owners will generally need to manually extend their policy for damage sustained abroad, something which can be hidden in the small print and isn’t always initially clear.

The average cost of a motorhome damage claim comes to £10,150, according to Ripe’s internal data, but the insurance company warned the total figure could be more.

Dan Dawson, Underwriting Manager at Ripe Motorhome Insurance, commented: “For motorhome and campervan owners, confusion around this particular policy detail is all too common – and it can be financially devastating in the event of an accident. Many of us will be excited to take a well-earned break this year but discovering that your policy doesn’t adequately cover you for damage can be very upsetting.”

“Unfortunately, comprehensive doesn’t always mean comprehensive. We would therefore urge all motorhome and campervan owners to carefully check the small print of their documents or reach out to their provider for clarity.”

While accidents are thankfully rare, it’s good to be prepared, just in case. Sonia Wignall recently talked us through how to deal with a motorhome accident overseas to set you on your way. The best dash cam for a motorhome is a useful piece of equipment which can provide some valuable peace of mind for ‘van owners too.

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