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Road Trip

Motorhome Road Trip to Bergkamen

Our first stopover on our motorhome trip was to be Bergkamen Germany.

We had docked at Calais after catching the morning ferry and headed through France to begin our motorhome holiday road trip. 

Travelling eastwards in our motorhome towards Germany and Berlin, we decided to take our time and split the journey over a couple of legs. I didn’t see the point of a long haul drive when you miss so much on the way. Having said that we did have an intended destination in mind so we passed through Belgium and briefly through Holland before entering Germany. Don’t worry Belgium and Holland we’ll be back.


The Route

To see the entire tour click here

Route – Port of Calais to Wohnmobilhafen Bergkamen 

(Route A16, E40, E17, E34, A2 A1)

Journey time – 5 hours 3 minutes

Distance – 470 km

Motorhome holiday road trip Germany. Bergkämen
Route Calais to Bergkamen
Site Details

Site Name – Wohnmobilhafen Bergkamen

Address – Bergkamen, Arnsberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, 59192

Location –51.6415, 7.64298

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Website –


The Stellplatz located at the marina

On our trips we aim to stop travelling between 2pm and 3pm in the afternoon. This gives us time to sit down relax and have a little look round the local area even if it’s only for an overnight stopover. It also breaks the journey up so it doesn’t feel as if you’re constantly driving.

If it’s one of our intended places to visit, as opposed to a stopover, we tend to stay for two to three nights. This way we get at least one or two full days respectively to explore the place and soak up the sights.

Our road trip to Bergkamen was to be our first overnight stop, adjacent to Marina Rünthe. It is a pleasant location that provides the opportunity to spend up to 72 hours on a pitch although we were only staying for the one night.

The stellplatz

The stellplatz (German motorhome stopover) was great value at only €8 a night. The payment is made by obtaining a ticket from the machine and then placing this in your windscreen. Unfortunately the machine decided to gobble up my euros without issuing a ticket. Just my luck! Luckily one or two other motorhome owners who were German were also present when the machine ate my money. They kindly indicated that they would act as an alibi should I require it  :).  I didn’t.

The pitches

The pitches are gravel and lawn with both electric and water being available. Keep in mind that this is a stellplatz (a dedicated German motorhome stopover) and not a fully fledged campsite. The pitches are arranged in a semi-circular fashion with places for 18 motorhomes. 

Motorhome holiday road trip Germany. Bergkämen
Delicious Cakes and drinks available at the marina

There are a number of options at the marina to eat or drink and we straight away headed for coffee and cake and a nice cold drink.

We didn’t explore the area, choosing instead to stay around the Marina for the evening and to sleep before the next leg of our journey.

The locals and the other motorhomers were really friendly though and it was a pleasant place to spend the first evening and somewhere I’d use again if I was passing.

The following morning, having showered and eaten breakfast, we continued our journey towards Berlin via our next stop over Camping Birkensee.

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