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Road Trip

A Motorhome Road Trip to the Delightful City of Dresden

We said goodbye to Berlin after our breakfast and began our journey south on our motorhome holiday road trip to Dresden. 

The drive from Wohnmobil Oase Berlin to Dresden was a relatively short 2.5 hours. This meant we arrived at our new stop, Stellplatz Wiesentorstraße in Dresden, around noon. It was once again all about location for this stop over. Overlooking the river Elbe, it is only a short walk across the bridge to Dresden old town.

The sun glistened over the silhouette of the old town and the Elbe twinkled with the sunlight.  The city has been described as ‘Florence on the Elbe’ so I was eager to go and explore.

The Route

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Route – Wohnmobil Oase Berlin to Dresden Route A13 / B170

Journey time – 2 hours 23 minutes

Distance – 198km

Motorhome holiday road trip route Dresden.
Route from Wohnmobil Oase Berlin to Dresden
Route so far to Dresden

I followed the directions of the sat-nav, for Stellplatz Wiesentorstraße in Dresden. The route was straightforward and we arrived without any fuss.

The Site

Site Name –Stellplatz Wiesentorstraße Dresden

Address – Stellplatz Wiesentorstraße Innere, 01097 Dresden, Germany

Location – 51.05677, 13.74329

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Cost 18€ + 5€ if electric is required

The stop over parking is located within the city overlooking the river Elbe. As you may expect the parking spaces are quite close in a city car parking facility. The entrance was staffed on our arrival and the attendant asked whether we would like electricity.  The cost was 18 euros without, or 23 euros with electric hook up.

The location is excellent and it’s literally a short walk over the pedestrian bridge spanning the river Elbe and you are in Dresden old town.

Motorhome holiday road trip Dresden.
Stellplatz overlooks the river Elbe
The Stellplatz overlooks the river Elbe
Our day in Dresden
Hofkirche and Schlossplatz

To the right of the stop over looking out across the river, there is an open beer garden. We took a leisurely stroll in the sunshine crossing over the Augustus bridge. Over the bridge you are literally presented with the old town of Dresden. Schlossplatz is a square leading to an array of chocolatiers, ice cream sellers, street musicians, eateries and museums.

As you cross the bridge you’re presented with the Hofkirche. The catholic Hofkirche was built by Saxon ruler Augustus III in the 18th century as a counterweight for the protestant Frauenkirche. The architectural beauty and detail of this building is apparent as it is in abundance.


Motorhome holiday road trip Dresden.
Schlossplatz and Hofkirche Dresden
Schlossplatz and Hofkirche Dresden
Dresden Zwinger

Without a plan we wandered around the lovely streets and arrived at the Zwinger. The Dresden Zwinger is one of the most well-known Baroque buildings of Germany accommodates internationally renowned museums as well as staging music and theatre performances. Augustus the Strong had the Zwinger created by the architect Matthaeus Daniel Poeppelmann and the sculptor Balthasar Permoser in the early 18th century.

On the lovely warm day in May that we visited it was a pleasure to sit aside of the wonderful central garden court yard and take in the presence, ambience and beauty of this complex.


Motorhome holiday road trip Dresden.
The Swinger
The Zwinger Dresden

As we walked around the town I was surprised at how nice Dresden was. It was intended only as a stopover but reminded me of how motorhomes can take you to places that you may not normally have chosen to visit. Our road trip to Dresden fell into that category. Food, beer and craft stalls were aplenty in the open market providing locals and visitors with the opportunity to relax and take refreshments in the sun. 

Motorhome holiday road trip Dresden.
Plenty of options for refreshments in Dresden
Motorhome holiday road trip Dresden. Golden horseman
Picturesque streets, bridges and the golden horseman
Late afternoon and evening

As we walked through the picturesque streets I took a photo and thought how it reminded me of a scene out of harry potter, a magical, mystical street. We strolled through the arches and once again over the Augustus bridge to Palace square to see the statue of Augustus the Strong (Elector of Saxony and King of Poland) The monument is covered with gold leaf and shows August the Strong in a Roman armour on his break to the Kingdom of Poland to the east. 

In the late afternoon we took a walk to the indoor market where we bought fresh produce to cook for our evening meal in the motorhome. Later we walked into town to have a few drinks and relax in the local bars before setting off the next morning to our new destination. Our road trip to Dresden was coming to an end and our road trip to Prague was about to being. 

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