Pilote adds new layout to Ford Transit-based low-profile Atlas range for 2024

Pilote enters the 2024 season with newly designed beds and kitchen units in its campervans, and a new layout in its Ford Transit-based compact low-profile Atlas range.

But sadly the Atlas campervan, first unveiled at 2022’s Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, will not be coming to the UK because it will not be available with right hand drive.

The redesigns in the campervan range include a new 147cm-wide bed in the V600G.

The V600G

This has been made possible in the 5.99m-long van partly by removing the cantilevered wardrobe that was previously over the transverse bed.

Inside the V600G

The lower kitchen unit in all Pilote campervans (who you can find out more about in our best motorhome brand guide) has also been redesigned with larger drawers including one that incorporates a dedicated rubbish bin. Handles and push buttons now come in a matt black finish to contrast with the white of the furniture.

The new Atlas A656D low-profile motorhome comes with a 170bhp engine and automatic gearbox as standard.

Inside the Atlas A656D

The compact van – just 2.20m wide and 6.6m long – includes a dressing room at the back in a layout similar to the existing P626D model.

As with its transverse bed cousin, the A696G, the new van includes sporty decals on the outside designed to reflect the boxy shape of the luton.

The transverse bed in the A696G

Pilote’s budget brand Joa Camp’s range for the 2024 season is yet to be finalised. But it looks likely it could include wider beds, a new washroom that is shorter but deeper than at present and which you access through twin split tambour doors, and a more automotive look to the bench in the front dinette.

Pilote is not the only maker to be releasing information about its 2024 models – other brands include Dreamer, which is adding two special edition Select+ models, while Rapido is providing a new take on the transverse bed layout.

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