Here’s why Carthago’s chic e-line range impresses on so many levels!

When considering the highlights of Carthago’s A-class models, it’s difficult to single out just one of the range’s many strengths. 

After all, the luxurious chic e-line models are well known for their stylish interiors, high payloads, fresh- and waste-water capacities and much more.

And there are endless range possibilities, too, thanks to the choice of layouts on both Fiat Ducato and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis.

There’s also a wide variety of interior layouts to choose from – from fixed single beds to comfortable island beds – with a permissible gross weight of 4.5 to 5.5 tonnes. 

And if you need even more space and comfort, just take a look at chic e-line XL models.

Comfortably in a league of their own

Within Carthago’s ‘emotionale’ furniture design you’ll find both style and practicality.

A large round seating area with table and wide seat bench offers plenty of space to relax.

The comfort corner kitchen, meanwhile, with pull-out work surface and worktop extension, has lots of storage space. There’s even room for a capsule coffee machine.

The comfort luxury bathroom features a washbasin, a swivel toilet and a shower cubicle. The washroom can also be separated from the main living area and bedroom to create a handy changing room. 

Plenty of storage space can be found below the large heated double floor; the area can be reached from both inside and outside the cabin.

And because it’s fitted with Alde central heating, as well as a 235-litre fresh water and 185-litre waste water tank, the chic e-line model range is perfect for those who want to be self-sufficient on tour.

Sleeping and cycling in style

When it comes to sleeping, there’s a choice of lengthways single beds (LE models) or queen-size beds (QB models)

There’s also the option of a great-sized and comfortable drop-down bed over the cab.

If you love cycling, the large garage below the fixed rear bed can be ordered with Carthago’s unique ‘pedelec’ bike storage system.

The stylish exterior can be made even more exclusive thanks to the optional ‘silverline’ exterior colour concept, where the cabin and habitation area are finished in high-gloss metallic silver.

As for Carthago’s chic e-line XL models: they offer a round seating area with long, pull-out side sofa, and an XL bathroom with separate toilet room, spacious round shower and so much more.

Six of the best for assured driveability

When it comes to chassis, you can choose from six chic e-line models on Fiat Ducato and six on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Models based on the Fiat 40 heavy chassis have plenty of safety features as standard, including an airbag, ABS, ESP, ASR, electronic immobiliser, hill-hold, Traction Plus, trailer stability control and more.

Those models on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 415 CDI have an airbag, side-wind assistant (single axle), hill descent control, hill-hold, ABS, ASR, EBV and ESP fitted as standard.

Built to last using aircraft technology

Carthago models are built with technology borrowed from the aircraft industry. 

Using lightweight materials and advanced production techniques, all Carthago motorhome bodies have a strong, durable construction. 

Where other manufacturers use screw connections, Carthago uses high-tech

As well as offering a high degree of stability, a main body reinforced with frame members and special bonding techniques will remain free of squeaks and rattles, as well as providing safety benefits, too. 

The Carthago chic e-line, a sound investment

And that’s not all – exclusivity is guaranteed when you choose a Carthago chic e-line, thanks to its low production numbers, unique styling and numerous personalisation options. 

Add in unrivalled build quality, and it’s clear to see why they hold their value so well. 

To find out more about Carthago and its e-line range, simply visit the website.