Create the campervan of your dreams with MAN TGE

What would your dream campervan feature?

Maybe you’re looking for a practical, rugged vehicle that can take you further across Europe than you’d ever thought possible.

Or perhaps you want a comfortable home-from-home that offers lots of luxury.

Either way, having a base vehicle converted is a brilliant way of getting your ideal motorhome.

Deciding what kit you want it to feature is relatively straightforward, but how about the base vehicle – how should you go about choosing that?

For starters, we’d suggest taking a look at what the experts do.

Chosen by the experts

German manufacturer Knaus is well-known for its beautifully built motorhomes, and among its ranges is the hugely popular Van Boxdrive XL conversion.

And the base vehicle? Knaus has chosen the practical MAN TGE.

The same goes for British manufacturer Wildax. Check out the Altair – it’s also based on the MAN TGE, with all of the fantastic safety features that brings.

So if the experts choose MAN TGE, we know it’ll make the perfect choice for you, too.

High specification as standard

That’s because the MAN TGE has a huge amount of fantastic kit as standard.

For starters, it offers an incredible driving experience, thanks to its long list of assistance features.

For instance, Active Lane Assist is a clever system that will carefully steer the campervan back into your lane if you accidentally stray into the next.

Then there’s Park Steering Assist. Let’s face it, parking a large motorhome isn’t always easy – and that’s where this handy system comes in.

Choose to activate it and it’ll take over to guide you into a narrow space. You’ll remain in complete control of the brakes and accelerator throughout.

When it’s time to reverse out of your parking space, Park Out Assist will help keep you safe, braking automatically if it senses any oncoming traffic.

Lateral Protection Assist, meanwhile, features 16 sensors to alert you of any danger when you’re changing lanes.

All-wheel drive and more

But what if you’re on a muddy campsite field? The MAN TGE will help you there, too, thanks to its all-wheel drive.

This clever system transfers drive torque to the axle in fractions of a second, giving you more grip in wet, slippery conditions.

The eight-speed automatic gearbox will help you cut your fuel consumption, too.

Once you’re onsite, you can also swivel the front seat, meaning that you’ll be ready to relax and begin your adventure.

So it’s clear that, like the experts at Knaus and Wildax, choosing the MAN TGE really can help you get the campervan of your dreams.

To find out more about MAN TGE, simply visit the website.

You can also find MAN TGE on Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn.