Nissan eNV200 successfully recovered after being stolen from residential London street

A converted Nissan eNV200 worth £35,000 was successfully recovered in less than four hours after being stolen from a residential street in South London.

The incident, which highlights the importance of good motorhome security, saw thieves make off with the ‘van, which had been parked “some way from its owner’s house”. The thieves were able to gain keyless access to make off with the ‘van within seconds.

Having successfully stolen it, the thieves left the vehicle to see “if the police would find it because it had a stolen vehicle tracking device installed”.

However, a joint operation between the Metropolitan Police, City of London Police and Tracker, saw it located, with the police waiting with the ‘van until the owner was able to pick it up.

Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison at Tracker, said, “Had they not had a Tracker device fitted, the thieves would have moved it on once they were confident the police hadn’t sussed its whereabouts. This is a common tactic used today by professional thieves and organised crime gangs, otherwise known as ‘soaking’.”

Having been professionally converted five years ago, the ‘van has provided a base for the owner to enjoy many memorable touring experiences.

The owner commented, “We have travelled all over the UK and Europe, so the van holds many happy memories. Had it not been recovered it would have been very hard to replicate the personal touches we’d made and I’m not sure my insurer would have paid out on the true value. I have now added even more security measures to avoid it being stolen again, including installing a crook lock.”

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Lead image: Tracker

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