Dethleffs set to bring first ever van conversions to October NEC Show

Dethleffs will be bringing its first ever van conversions to the NEC this October, along with Ford Transit-based versions of its compact low-profiles.

The new Globetrail van conversions, based on either a Fiat Ducato or a Citroen Relay, have already been on sale in the company’s German market for a couple of years. But for 2024 they are being split into two different spec levels – Classic and Advantage – with prices starting at respectively, £53,800 and £62,800.

While Classic provides what the Erwin Hymer Group company considers to be a good entry level offer to which you can add options if you wish, Advantage gets you extra options as standard. These include flush-fitting windows, an additional window and a pull-out locker in the rear, an awning, a leather steering wheel, and 16-inch alloy wheels.

Advantage models also include a wider range of washrooms including a swivel partition design, while on Classic you only get fixed or compact washrooms.

There are 12 possible layouts in the range, in both Classic and Advantage spec, ranging from 5.41m-long models with a transverse bed that is slightly indented to make room for the washroom, to 6.36m-long models with fixed single beds.

Inside the Dethleffs Globetrail 540 DR

Dethleffs, which feature in our guide to the best motorhome brands, has included nomenclature to make this easier to understand based on the vehicle’s length, the type of bed (“E” standing for single beds, and “D” for transverse doubles) and the type of washroom. So, for example, the Globetrail 600 DF Classic is a 6m long van with a transverse bed and a fixed washroom, while the Globerail 600 DR Advantage has a transverse bed and a shower that makes use of some of the central aisle space with tambour doors.

The bed in the Globetrail 600 DF

All models are also available with an optional pop-up roof, with a bed that is over 2m long, a 6cm-thick foam mattress and a tent wall that can be completely opened at the front, with mesh to keep out insects. The upper area also includes two swan-neck reading lights and a USB charging point.

You can also opt for an opening sunroof at the front, an option that will also get you overhead lockers extending all the way to the front on the driver’s side.

Fixed singles in the Globetrail 600 ER

The shorter vans come with the 120bhp engine as standard. The 6.36m vans come with a 140bhp engine. But in both cases you can opt for an engine upgrade to get 180bhp on the Fiat, or 160bhp on the Citroen.

The new Globebus Go models, meanwhile, are low-profile versions of the A-class Globebus models Dethleffs has been offering for several years on a Fiat Ducato. These new models, however, run on a Ford Transit with a 130bhp engine as standard.

They are also just 2.2m wide, and are 12cm shorter than their A-class motorhome cousins with an overall height of 2.69m.

Two layouts are available: the 5.99m-long T15 (£69,400) with a transverse bed at the rear, and the 6.69m-long T45 (£71,100), a motorhome with fixed single beds.

To save weight and free up space, the new vans also run on a diesel heater, so you only need a small gas bottle for cooking.

Other brands are also revealing information about their 2024 plans. Adria is launching campervans for the new season, while Carthago is consolidating, with just one new model. Laika has announced it will be updating its Kosmo range too.

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