Get the ultimate motorhome conversion with MAN TGE

Let’s face it – we all have a specific tick-list of features that we’d like to see in our motorhome.

Perhaps you’re looking for an unusual three-berth layout that you’ve never seen on the market before, or you want a kitchen that’s larger than the norm.

Maybe you’re searching for a large, luxurious washroom that you can’t find in any model currently on sale.

You might think that you’re out of luck, but you do have options – and one great alternative is to have your own base vehicle converted into the campervan of your dreams.

That way, you can consider all the brilliant features that you want – the only limit is your imagination.

But which vehicle to go for? There are many to choose from, but if you’re looking for flexibility and practicality – features that you really want in a base vehicle – take a look at the MAN TGE.

Help at hand when you need it

As well as being ideal for motorhome conversion, MAN TGE base vehicles offer a whole host of features, all of which are perfect for making your campervan tours so much more comfortable.

For starters, there’s a fantastic eight-speed automatic gearbox – ideal for helping you save fuel (and therefore cash) when you’re out on tour.

You won’t need to worry about driving in poor weather, either: MAN’s all-wheel drive coupling system smoothly transfers the drive torque to the relevant axle within fractions of a second. So you’re much less likely to get stuck on a muddy campsite pitch.

Then there’s Active Lane Assist – it will automatically and safely steer your campervan back into its lane if you stray over the white line for any reason.

It’s great peace of mind, whether you’re driving in poor conditions or the bright summer sun.

Lateral Protection Assist, meanwhile, shows you potential collision risks when you’re changing lane via a clear display, giving you a prominent warning to take avoidant action.

State-of-the-art motorhome conversion systems

Parking a larger vehicle isn’t easy, of course, so any assistance that your campervan can give you when you’re manoeuvring is always welcome.

The MAN TGE has a raft of features to help you park, including Park Steering Assist.

This clever system automatically takes over the steering when you’re negotiating a narrow space: the driver still operates the accelerator and brakes, so you remain in complete control.

When it’s time to leave your parking space, Park Out Assist is ready and waiting. It gives you a hand when you’re reversing out of a space, and will automatically brake if you’re likely to run into oncoming traffic.

And with a host of other kit – including an online-compatible infotainment system, cab air-conditioning, a swivelling cab chair and a wealth of storage compartments – your next tour will be the most comfortable you’ve ever had.

So take a look at the MAN TGE – it’s so much more than just a van.

For more on the MAN TGE, see the website.

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