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Road Trip

Motorhome Road Trip to the Picturesque Oberammergau

We left Dachau on our motorhome road trip and continued our journey south to the pretty Bavarian town of Oberammergau.

Our tour of the Dachau memorial concentration camp was complete and by mid-afternoon we stopped off at the nearby Aldi supermarket and took the opportunity to replenish our supplies.  Bratwurst, Frikadellen, kartoffelsalat and all things German  were in abundance in our basket as we passed through checkout.  Fully stocked up, we started our journey for our next campsite visit that was in the small Bavarian town of Oberammergau.

The Route

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Route – Dachau memorial concentration camp – Campingpark Oberammergau – Route A99/ A95 / B2 /B23

Journey time – 1 hours 20 minutes

Distance – 112km

The route from Dachau concentration camp memorial to Oberammergau
Motorhome Road Trip to Oberammergau
The 112km route from Dachau concentration camp memorial to Oberammergau.
The entire European journey route so far.
Motorhome Road Trip to Oberammergau
The European journey route so far.
The Site

Site Name – Campingpark Oberammergau

Address – Ettaler Str. 56b D-82487 Oberammergau Bavaria, Germany

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Website –

The campsite is located on a stream in the beautiful setting of Bavaria. It is a  family owned site and this was reflected in the friendliness of the reception staff. The pitches were reasonably priced although the electric was metered. After checking in a member of staff came out once we had parked up and took a meter reading off the electric hook up bollard. This turned out to raise the pitch cost per night substantially as we unwittingly ran everything, including the heating off the electric. Something to keep in mind if you visit!

 The pitches were clearly marked and well sized with dividing hedges in some parts. Surrounded by mountains and trees it was certainly a pleasant site to wake up to.  A morning bakery service was available for delivery although having just stocked up at Aldi we didn’t use this. The washroom and laundry facilities were good too so all in all a nice site when visiting the area.

There is the offer of motorhome parking only without the use of the shower and toilet facilities. This would be a great choice and certainly more cost effective at only 12€ for two people for the night. You can also still hook up to the electric if you need to.

Not many water points can provide such stunning views as this!

A gentle stroll and you are into the small town. You immediately notice the quaint Bavarian buildings adorned with picturesque murals which looked like something from a Hans Christian Andersen storybook. Look up and you see the ornate carvings in the eaves of the roofs and you can’t help but feel enchanted in the moment, typical throughout Bavaria.

Outdoor pursuits like hiking and skiing are popular in this part of Germany which is no surprise given the amazing setting.  The small town is also home to plenty of history and some unique and beautiful handcraft traditions. Although Oberammergau is probably best known for its “Passion Play”.

Motorhome Road Trip to Oberammergau Passion Play
Passion Play

In 1633 the tiny village of Oberammergau in Bavaria, Germany, made a promise. The bubonic plague had been causing death and illness throughout Europe on and off since the 14th century and had once again descended upon the population.

The citizens of Oberammergau, vowed to God that provided the plague was curtailed they would put on a play depicting the life of Jesus that would be repeated for all time.

By July of the same year the numbers of people dying from the plague had reduced. Believing that they had been spared by God, the villagers kept up their promise, and in 1634 the people of Oberammergau produced the first ever Passion play. And it’s been going ever since, with the play performed in every year that ends with a zero (every decade).  

Motorhome Road Trip to Oberammergau
A leisurely ride on the chairlift to reach the alpine coaster.
Alpine Coaster 

The Alpine Coaster is a toboggan style sledge on wheels that you can ride down a track at speed. Don’t worry if you don’t want to go too fast there are brakes operated by a hand lever to slow you down if you feel you’re going to quickly.

Beginning at the top of the Kolbensattel the track is 2.6km long. So we hopped on the chair lift and ascended the mountain. 

We eagerly got onto the sledge and prepared to launch ourselves down the hill at speed. Having had a brief overview of how to slow the thing down (always useful to know) I waited for the “go” from the operator. 

After a slow start the sledge picked up speed and off I went in hot pursuit of the sledge in front. With twists and turns and the odd tunnel there was a certain exhilaration to be hurtling towards trees only to be diverted at the last moment as the track weaved it’s way downwards. To be honest I was probably a little too over cautious on the first run braking as if i was on a driving test on the approach to turns. With that in mind there was only one thing to do. Have another go!

Oompah Band

In between the two runs we sat at the hillside wooden Bavarian, chalet style, cafe and drank delicious frothy hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and whipped cream. As we did so we discussed our chances of getting in the Great Britain Bob Sleigh team and quickly concluded our chances were zero. As we sat there drinking, admiring the views we were entertained by a Bavarian “Oompah” band. It all seemed quite surreal.

Motorhome Road Trip to Oberammergau
The band played as we drank hot chocolate and admired the views.
Auf Wiedershen Oberammergau

Our time in Oberammergau had come to an end. It was time to leave and begin heading North. 

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