One bike, a thousand adventures

Pitch up and then explore on two wheels… And with so many brilliant Raleigh bikes to choose from, you’re bound to find one that’s just right for you!

Which kind of motorhome or caravan owner are you?

Perhaps your preference is pitching close to home, then finding out about the local area before relaxing in comfort with the latest bestseller. 

Maybe you’re up at the crack of dawn and the first in the washblock showers, ready to start a busy day’s exploration from your home-from-home.

Or you could love simply going back to basics, away from all the luxuries of campsites, braving the wind and rain for a real adventure, using your leisure vehicle as a base.

Get the right bike for you

Fortunately, Raleigh understands that all caravan and motorhome owners are different, with their own tastes and preferences.

It also appreciates that, no matter where you go in your leisure vehicle, you want to see the very best of the surrounding countryside, in the easiest, most comfortable and most enjoyable way possible. 

And Raleigh makes that all really effortless, with its fantastic range of ebikes – it produces a wide selection of models as individual as you are.

Raleigh Array

This elegant entry-level electric bike range is perfect if you want to tackle longer weekend trips, whether that’s to the local shop for a pint of milk, or taking in a nearby historic monument. 

It’s well-priced, fully equipped, and has a 60-mile range to take you wherever you want to go.

Raleigh Centros

If you prefer your adventures off-road, the Raleigh Centros is for you.

Leave your vehicle onsite, hit the hills and you’ll be able to cycle further than you ever thought possible, thanks to the super-quiet Bosch motor, which gives you more assistance when you want it, and less when you don’t. 

The 130-mile range means that once you start, there’ll be no need to stop until you’re right back on site.

Raleigh Motus

Check out the Motus electric hybrid range – made up of three models, it offers a variety of different styling options and features, so you can pick the one that’s perfect for you.

Dashing to the supermarket before it closes? The Bosch motor will make your journey a doddle. 

Want a workout? Just dial back the power – but it’ll be ready and waiting for you right when you need it.

Raleigh Stow-E-way 

Motorhomes and caravans don’t offer unlimited storage space, of course, so the Raleigh Stow-E-way is for you if your lockers are already full of pillows, bags and books. 

It folds quickly, easily and without fuss, and has a light frame, but its 250W motor means it’s just as much a proper ebike as the rest of the Raleigh range. 

Simply unfold it and you’re ready to hit the road.

Raleigh Trace 

Check out the exceptionally good looks of the Raleigh Trace – it offers you style, performance and a light, 16.5kg weight, all of which combine to make an electric bike that’s absolutely perfect for zipping around town. 

That light weight also means it’s ideal if you have a bike rack fitted to your car or motorhome – just lift it up, secure it safely and it’s ready and waiting for your next two-wheeled adventure as soon as you reach your campsite.

So, no matter which type of caravan or motorhome owner you are, you can trust that Raleigh has the perfect electric bike for you

Got questions? We have the answers…

Won’t the bike be too heavy for my vehicle?

Nope – many modern bike racks are specifically designed for carrying electric bikes. As long as your vehicle’s payload allows, you can carry an ebike. 

What’s more, you can easily remove the bike’s battery for transport.

Won’t the bike be too heavy for me on the road?

Raleigh’s electric bikes feel no heavier than a traditional bike on the road, thanks to the electrical assistance. 

There’s even a ‘walk assist’ mode, to make pushing your bike a breeze.

What about security when my bike is parked?

Raleigh’s got you covered – the battery can be removed when you leave the bike, and for this a key is required. 

On the Motus and Centros models, you’ll also find a frame lock to allow you to secure the rear wheel: simple, and safe.

What if I run out of battery?

You can track your battery’s real-time range throughout your ride, using the digital handlebar display or on-frame display (depending on the model). 

But if you do run out of battery, it’s no bother – you just continue cycling as though it were a traditional, non-electric bike.

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