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Review of the much needed 12v USB Socket Accessory

12v USB Socket


Motorhome Monkey Rating



  • Small and Lightweight
  • Standard Size
  • 2 USB sockets
  • On / Off Switch
  • LED Power Indicator Light

 In this article we review an inexpensive and easy to install additional 12v USB socket that will fit almost any motorhome, campervan or caravan. 


We all like to take our phones, tablets, ear pods cameras and laptops with us on our motorhome adventures. Indeed almost all rechargeable gadgets tend to be charged by a USB lead nowadays.

But what about sockets in your motorhome? Well, there’s a USB socket available on the front of my motorhome radio, which is fine when the engine is running and were on the road. But what about when we’re parked up on a campsite or indeed wild camping? Well, fortunately for me, there’s an additional 12v socket located in my Adria motorhome, on what they grandly call a “media wall”. Don’t ask me why it’s called that, as the only thing remotely media like on it is in fact a 3.5mm audio socket and the USB port, but hey it sounds amazing. Anyway back to the USB socket, this single lonely little socket is indeed useful but what if you have more than one accessory or two phones to charge? The good news is, it is relatively simple to fit additional USB sockets into your motorhome and yes you will be able to do it. 



12v USB Socket
Shape and Design

If you look on Amazon you will have a plethora of choices of all shapes and sizes. Think carefully at this stage as to what suits your need best. I opted for this one as it’s a standard 12v socket shape and fitting. That means if I wanted to change it for another socket, such as a 12v power socket or indeed replace it if it’s faulty, then it’s a straight swap, quick and easy. I did actually choose a rectangular fitting at first but then I thought, what if it goes wrong? How easy will it be to replace one of the same size and shape? Will they still be available?

This particular model has double USB charging ports each with an output of 2.4 amps enabling you to charge two devices at once. I’ve fitted them above the bed to allow two phones to be charged simultaneously. 

The Socket is black plastic and comes with a touch sensitive on off button which gives you additional control as to whether the socket is drawing power which is particular useful when you’re off grid.

12v USB SocketThere is a digital LED indicator when powered on, which lights in a colour (choose the colour when you buy it), I chose red so as to lessen the chance of disturbing our sleep at night time. There’s also a rubber protective dust cap that fits over the unit when not in use.

A single hole needs to be drilled to mount the socket. It’s held in place by a screw locking nut, tightened from behind. Simply connect the positive and negative wires to the same wires on your 12v circuit and the device will run. The easiest way to do this is to site it where you know you can access existing 12v wiring for example near lamps etc.

To see a more detailed article regarding the fitting of a 12v socket click here


You can pick up this 12v socket on Amazon for varying prices, the one I purchased was around £9.99


Additional USB sockets are now a must have as opposed to a luxury. They are simple to fit and provide you with all the charging needs for your gadgets.

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