Go further with Garmin

We all know that feeling of being on the road in a motorhome, on the way to a hotly anticipated destination, when suddenly a steep hill that’s hard to navigate in a large vehicle appears, or a low bridge blocks the way.

The journey sets the tone for the rest of your holiday, so it’s enough to make you hot under the collar, regardless of the weather outside.

Take the stress out of navigating

That’s where the Garmin Camper Series comes in. Enter the dimensions of your vehicle and you’ll get custom routing that takes the size of your motorhome into account*, helping you avoid those steep gradients and narrow roads that can add unnecessary stress to your journey.

There’s no need to worry about falling foul of low-emission zone regulations either, as the Garmin Camper Series can help you steer clear of those areas.

Ready for the road

The Garmin Camper Series lets you get the most out of your journey, coming with a variety of features to inspire exploring.

Firstly, there’s Trendy Places™, which uses Tripadvisor and Michelin points of interest to highlight potential stops. Then there’s Roadtrip Routes™, letting you take the road less travelled, ideal for anyone who wants to see more of their surroundings.

Finally, there’s Local Spots™, which highlights the destinations in the vicinity of your campsite that are worth visiting, helping you get the most from your holiday.

Campsites and more

Every motorhomer knows the importance of finding the right campsite to stay at. The Garmin Camper Series can help, as it features a directory of campsites and services, allowing you to easily find somewhere to stay overnight.

You can even use BirdsEye Satellite Imagery to get an aerial view of the site too, allowing you to plan out your arrival in detail.

The Garmin Camper Series units also come preloaded with full European mapping, ideal for anyone who likes touring abroad. Users have access to free map downloads for North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and North Africa.

And that’s not all – with real-time traffic updates and the option of using the Garmin Drive app to control the sat-nav with your voice, the Camper Series gives you more freedom to enjoy the journey than ever before.

Find the right Garmin Camper sat-nav for you

There are four models available in the Garmin Camper Series and with their screen size of up to 10 inches, you won’t have any problems viewing the Camper’s routing guidance, allowing you to concentrate on the road.

Garmin Camper 795 – £389.99

The 795 may be the cheapest model in the range, but it’s jam-packed with kit, including a seven-inch touchscreen and custom routing for your motorhome.

Garmin CamperCam 795 – £499.99

If you’re looking for a sat-nav that also features a dash cam, the CamperCam 795 is for you. It also has a seven-inch touch-screen and detailed European mapping.

Garmin Camper 895 – £579.99

The Garmin Camper 895 is perfect if you’re looking for a sat-nav with a large, eight-inch screen. It also has custom routing, road warnings and more.

Garmin Camper 1095 – £779.99

The 1095’s extra-large, 10-inch screen offers great visibility on the road – and the sat-nav is packed with features, including live traffic information.

With the help of the Garmin Camper Series, your journey will be as relaxing as the rest of your well-deserved holiday.

* Not available in all areas. Entering your motorhome profile characteristics does not guarantee your vehicle’s characteristics will be accounted for in all route suggestions. Always defer to all posted road signs and road conditions.