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A Full Review of Adria Matrix Supreme 687 SL

Adria Matrix Supreme 687SL


Motorhome Monkey Rating



  • Excellent build quality
  • Modern design
  • Large garage space
  • Large lounge
  • Alde Heating


  • Limited number of plug sockets

Reviewing the Adria Matrix Supreme 687 SL.

Adria is a well established motorhome and caravan leisure vehicle manufacturer going back to 1965.

Having researched a large selection of motorhomes, across a broad range of manufacturers, I finally decided to buy an Adria Matrix Supreme 687 SL. So how did I arrive at the decision? (Check out tips for choosing and buying a motorhome).

This model ticked the majority of the boxes on my check list including layout, storage and other key features that I looked for in a new motorhome. I also took the time to read lots of reviews from owners and customers about their experience with the different manufacturers, brands and models.  This research helped me confirm my choice. With my new found knowledge and confidence I purchased a brand new 2015 model.

Distinctive modern styling of the Adria Matrix Supreme

The 2015 model has quite a distinctive look. A metallic silver Renault Master cab is the basis of the motorhome. The front lights on the Renault Master are of a large vertical style that encompasses all the light clusters in the one unit. Within the moulded front bumper are set the LED daytime running lights. These embolden the look of the motorhome as well as increasing visibility and safety as it cruises down the road. The windscreen and side windows provide good visibility to the front and sides with large mirrors providing good visibility to the rear. Both cab doors are central locking as is the habitation door.

The sweep over the cab gives a relatively dynamic appearance encompassing a sunroof that allows lots of light into the seating area. The large overhang beyond the rear axle also adds to the ditinctive look of the matrix range. With tinted windows and stylish graphics the overall view of the matrix is modern and as cool as motorhomes can look. The side lights running along the skirt help side visibility in darkness and at 7.78m long that’s appreciated.

The rear

The rear light cluster feature tail light, indicators, reversing lights and fog lights in the one unit. They are positioned well and look in keeping with the style of the motorhome. High level LED lights at the top rear finish off the practical and asthetic lighting styling.

Standard fitting to the rear are reversing sensors and additionally I’ve had a rear view camera fitted which makes reversing much easier.

The offside

On the offside you will find the habitation door, this is a common feature on European motorhomes. I certainly haven’t found any difference or inconvenience as a result of it being on the offside. You will also find a sensibly positioned gas locker and access for the Thetford toilet cassette. The gas locker is positioned at a height that means you wont have to struggle when replacing bottles. I’ve also had a large fiamma f54s wind out awning canopy fitted that stretches across the width of the motorhome.

The nearside

On the nearside there is the water filling point and the 240v hook up point. Additionally I’ve had an external 240v socket fitted for accessories.

Elsewhere on the exterior you will find large rear garage doors, for access to the garage loading area. Perfect for storing your bikes, chairs, tables and barbecue. Corner steadies are fitted on the chassis that helps provide stability when on site. This compensates for the rear overhang and any movement when walking inside the vehicle.

I’ve added a solar panel to the roof so being off grid doesn’t have to be a challenge. The automatic satellite helps provide entertainment when you want to catch up on some TV.


The light design of the Adria Matrix Supreme

The Adria Matrix Supreme 687 sl is powered by Renaults 2.3 litre twin turbo engine providing 165bhp. The engine is surprisingly quiet for a diesel and you have plenty of power at your disposal when required. Fuel consumption is good with a dashboard light indicating to you when to change up and down gear. This is additionally helped by the engine stop start system and eco driving modes. I tend to leave the stop start system on all the time however with the eco drive system I tend not to select that. The eco drive system limits the amount of power available, the idea being that less power means less fuel. I have used it in Europe but for me I preferred having all the engine power available to me when driving.  Don’t worry though you can switch either or both of them off if they annoy you.


The power steering is light, the cruise control a godsend on long journeys and the hill assist hold is a help when you’ve got traffic behind you and you’re  touring the alps! There is also a speed limiter if you choose to select it to help you avoid inadvertently exceeding the speed limit. Electronic stability control and ABS is fitted and a traction setting to get you off those gravel pitches! Electric windows and cab air conditioning is welcome on those warm sunny journeys. 

The gearbox is smooth and responsive and the gear stick is positioned high as part of the console without taking up any foot space within the cabin.

The handbrake is in the centre, it’s easily accessible and drops completely to the floor so it’s not in your way when parked and allows the rotation of the font captain seats and access to the cab from the rear. 


The seats are firm but comfortable providing support. They are adjustable in  extension, tilt, height, and have an adjustable back rest with inflatable lumbar support. There are also an additional two belted passenger seats in the rear that are equipped with ISO fix points if you intend to fit child seats.

The front cockpit is fitted with lots of places to put cans, bottles drinks etc and storage. There are two 12v sockets, one being mounted on the top of the dashboard which is appreciated for the use of the ever present sat nav. 

I’ve driven lots of different vehicles in both a personal and professional capacity and I have no hesitation in saying I enjoy the driving experience in the Adria.

Lounge and dining

Having arrived at your destination you can swivel the front seats around, make the adjustments as required and get yourself comfortable. The seating area around the fixed dining table could seat 6, great for entertaining friends for an evening drink or a chat over a cuppa! The fixed table is large and usable both for dining or working. It’s moveable in all directions forward and back, it rotates and elevates up and down so it can be positioned to suit your needs.

The large skylight above the front cab allows plenty of light in along with the two side windows behind the side seating. During the evening there’s dimmable surrounding mood lighting above the lockers providing a pleasant ambience. There are an additional four spotlights above the dining area if more direct light is needed.

The TV extends out of a locker above the large fridge and provides a good viewing position from the two captain seats. In addition next to the door there is storage for your tablet or phone and USB charging point. 

The fabrics, style and colours used on the seating are contemporary with the addition of net curtains on the living area and bedroom windows for additional privacy if required as well.

The interior is heated by the Alde wet central heating system including underfloor heating that ensures your warm and cosy regardless of the weather outside. 

Kitchen & Cooking

I like the kitchen within the Adria. A three gas burner hob lies beneath a glass top that can be used as additional space when the rings aren’t in use. Behind the hob is a window to gaze out of as you prepare your meal in your holiday destination.  Surrounding the window is a lightup splash panel that is particularly effective of an evening both aesthetically and practicality. Above the hob are two spotlights and an extractor fan. A plug socket is also located on the locker underside. To the left of the hob is a useful storage rack for washing up liquid sponges or if you’re a more adventurous cook spices! Directly below is a combination gas oven and grill.

To the right is the sink that has a mixer tap and two sink infills that match the worktop and increase the available worktop space. Behind the sink is a small rail for tea towels or indeed to store the infills when the ink is being used.

There is plenty of draw space for cutlery, plates, pots pans, toaster kettle and other cooking equipment. I actually take and use a glass bowl halogen oven which also fits neatly in the draws.

To the left of the cooking area is a large Dometic fridge with seperate freezer. This is a really useful size unlike some of the smaller fridges found in alternative motorhomes. The fridge freezer runs on gas/electricty/ and 12 volts and is automatic switching.

Adria Matrix Supreme 687SL twin beds

The Adria Matrix Supreme 687SL has four belted seats, two in the front and two in the rear. It sleeps this many comfortably. However it can sleep even more!

There are two single beds in the rear of the vehicle, this can be expanded with an infill to make a large double bed or sleep two adults and a child in the middle. You are able to raise the rear of the bed should you wish to sit up and read or watch television. The beds here have two spotlights that are touch sensitive as well as dim nightlights if one is required for any trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. There is also ambient LED lighting running around the top of the lockers that can be dimmed. The motorhome bedroom lighting can be switched off sperately from the front lounge area which is useful if one person want to go to bed early. There is a curtain that can be pulled across for additional privacy if required.

Additionally the TV that services the living room can be rotated on its bracket allowing you to watch TV in bed.

Press a button and a second double bed appears from the roof above the lounge area. This bed is a good size and sleeps two adults comfortably. 

If required by the use of infills a further 2 people can be accommodated below in a bed made out out of the lounge seating, that makes a total of 6+1 sleeping spaces. Very impressive indeed.



The washroom is located opposite the kitchen. As you enter to the left is a seperate toilet. On the wall are positioned a number of useful hooks for hanging towels etc. Directly in front is a mirrored cabinet with good lighting. Within the cupboard is a 240v socket for charging an electric toothbrush / shaver or using a hairdryer. to the right is a glass effect bowl sink with a mixer tap. Below is storage that I use for cleaning products. To the right is the seperate shower cubicle which provides a well powered shower, the tray having two drain holes which is useful for preventing water gathering on uneven ground. Within the shower are places for your toiletries to rest and a clothes hanging rail which is really useful for drying wet towels. An alde radiator is also positioned in the shower cubicle to ensure you’ll always be nice and warm on those cold mornings.

The large garage provides ample room for storage

There’s plenty of storage in the motorhome.  There are eye level cupboards located at the front side and rear of the motorhome. There is a large hanging wardrobe located under the nearside single bed and another tall wardrobe next to the fridge freezer. Additionally under bed storage can be found under the offside bed.

Externally the motorhome is fitted with a large garage for all your leisure equipment. This is accessible from doors on both sides. The garage has internal lighting positioned conveniently on each side, useful when you’re rummaging around in the dark. The garage is heated with its own alde radiator although this can be switched off if required, if for example you were storing water or food etc.


The Adria Matrix supreme is a well made motorhome. I’ve been more than happy with my choice of motorhome, no snags, no problems and it ticks all the boxes for what I wanted from a motorhome. As you can tell, I’m one happy monkey!

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