GuruShots: winning images from the Travel Journeys photo competition

Practical Motorhome joined up with online photo game GuruShots to print the winning images from the ‘Travel Journeys’ challenge. Over 21 million votes were cast, and these are the winners!

GuruShots is billed as the world’s leading photo game. It’s an online platform conceived to give global exposure to people who love taking photographs. GuruShots members start out as Newbies and compete with other photographers to win challenges, increase their ranking on the site and eventually progress to coveted ‘Guru’ status. Challenges are voted on by Gurus and the wider GuruShots community, and there’s a fresh challenge – like ‘Travel Journeys’ – every day.

Winners receive prizes from GuruShots’ sponsors, including Lowepro, Kodak and Lensbaby. Also, check out GuruShots’ newest app AI Art Master.

Top Photographer (Image credit: Andrew Muhlhauser – United States)Top Photo (Image credit: Anca – Romania)Guru’s Top Pick (Image credit: Jakub Los – Poland)(Image credit: Anthony Bromfield – United Kingdom)(Image credit: Bogdan Mocanu – Romania)(Image credit: Cassandra Urban – United States)(Image credit: Daniel Šintaj – Slovakia)(Image credit: Eran Horn – Israel)(Image credit: Gogo Okospot – Belgium)(Image credit: Helkoryo – United Kingdom)(Image credit: Josh Taylor – Canada)(Image credit: Keith Sendall – United States)(Image credit: Laimute Kuriene – Netherlands)(Image credit: Mark Hilton – United States)(Image credit: MC – Canada)(Image credit: Meg Ryan – United States)(Image credit: Nikolai Suvorov – Czechia)(Image credit: Rémi Seznec)(Image credit: Roberto Valdes – Cuba)(Image credit: Robin Weir – United States)(Image credit: Roy Egloff – Switzerland)(Image credit: Rozi Vaculik – Slovakia)(Image credit: Zennifer – United States)


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