ACSI’s inspectors are ready to help you enjoy your 2023 tours!

One of the things that we all love about our motorhomes is the freedom they offer: freedom to escape everyday life and see the best of Europe in comfort.

The campsite that you choose can make or break your trip, though – which is why it’s important to trust the travel experts. Fortunately, ACSI can help you do just that.

Inspecting important features

The ACSI campsite guides were born back in 1965, and since then have grown to include thousands of sites across the UK and the rest of Europe.

What’s most important, though, is that ACSI has around 300 inspectors, whose job it is to travel to all of the sites within the guide.

Once there, they have a checklist to work through of all the important aspects of campsite life that matter to you – so, if you’re looking for a site with a brilliant bar or wonderful washrooms, you’ll be able to find it within the listings of the ACSI guides.

Feedback from campers like you

And that’s not all: while they’re at a site, ACSI’s inspectors speak to motorhome owners just like you, to find out their opinion of where they’re staying.

That way, they can get right to the heart of what’s important – and not so important – to campsite guests.

But how do you know that the ACSI inspection is up to date?

That’s easy – all sites are inspected every year, so you can be confident that an inspection has taken place recently.

For proof, simply take a look at the sign featuring the ACSI logo near the site entrance – after an inspection (which can take place up to September), you’ll find a dated sticker to show that the inspector has visited. Simple!

After all, campsites can change a lot from year to year – facilities might close or fall into disrepair, or new attractions might be added.

With ACSI’s annual inspections, you’ll be able to rest assured that the information in the guide is as up to date as possible, and that the site’s facilities are of the quality and safety you’d expect.

Save cash on your campsite stay

So you’ve chosen your campsite, safe in the knowledge that it’s been inspected by one of ACSI’s experts.

But money is tight for all of us at the moment, so how can you save money on your stay?

That’s easy – ACSI also offers its fantastic CampingCard, which allows you to stay for less during the low season at 3000 campsites across Europe.

You’ll pay one fixed, low rate of between €13 and €23 per night. That’s such good value that you’ll have received the purchase price back within just four nights, leaving you extra cash to spend on your trip!

So, if you’re planning to travel anywhere in Europe in your motorhome, it’s clear that ACSI has you covered.

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