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Why buy a Motorhome or Campervan? 10 Top Reasons

Why buy a motorhome or a campervan? There are many reasons to buy a motorhome or camper van and if you’re reading this then no doubt you’ve already gave it some thought and may already have your own reasons for doing so. If you’ve already decided that it’s the right thing for you then check out our article on choosing and buying a motorhome.

So lets take a look at the top 10 reasons why you should buy a motorhome or campervan.

Why buy a motorhome or campervan?
1. Get up and go

For many the hum drum continuity of the daily grind , life commitments and of course personal responsibilities leads to an aspiration of escapism.  Owning a motorhome or a campervan allows you to do just that with very little planning or forethought. Whether it’s a day trip, an overnighter a weekend or longer the choice is yours. That’s the beauty of a motorhome, jump in and away you go and the destination is yours to choose.

2. You know what you’re getting

Have you ever booked a package holiday? You won’t know what your hotel is really like until you arrive. You may not like the room, the food, the view, the location, the decor! Well all the uncertainty is taken away with your very own home from home because it’s yours and you’ve made it just how you like it. If you don’t like the city, town or village you’re visiting or the view isn’t to your liking then you can move your holiday home with ease. Try doing that with a hotel!

3. Community lifestyle

The motorhome and campervan community means you’ll come across like minded people on your travels. There are clubs such as the Caravan and Motorhome Club and the Camping and Caravanning Club where you’ll find campsites and locations to stay across the country. You’ll surely find someone to offer a helping hand or some friendly advice if you need it.

4. Forget about packing and baggage allowance worries.

Forget about having to cram all your items for a 2 week holiday into a case with a 20kg weight limit. If you want to take all the clothes out of your wardrobe at home and take them with you then you can.Want to take chairs and a BBQ with you then feel free to do it or even your bike. Okay, so in reality your vehicle will have a maximum weight limit but this will be in the hundreds of kilogrammes, so you really don’t have too much to worry about.

5.  You can stop when you want to

Yes you may have a destination in mind but with a motorhome or campervan you can stop and stay where you want to. Imagine driving and on your journey you come across a quaint little village with a lovely tea room or that lively pub with music booming out. Well stop and visit.  You can even stay if you want to. After all you have your bed, your toilet your shower, your kitchen and your living room with you.

Why buy a motorhome or campervan?
Lake Bala Wales
6. Destination Nowhere

On one of my trips to Europe I didn’t book anywhere in advance. I had an intention to visit the Italian Lakes which were indeed lovely. However it’s the additional places along the way, the small mountain villages, the towns, the culture the people and experiences that you encounter that you wouldn’t encounter on a direct flight to the end location. We travelled and stayed in France and Switzerland on our way to Italy, indeed after the lakes and without a preplanned intention we decided to visit Venice. It’s this type of carefree, no rules nor timetable constraints that provides an amazing and interesting adventure.

7. Discover new hobbies or enjoy your current ones.

Active hobbies can be made even more comfortable with a motorhome or campervan. Think of festivals, photography, cycling, kayaking, skiing or even motorbiking. Whatever your passion you can usually do it and do it in comfort knowing you have your home from home with you. Imagine going kayaking and after a fun filled day your soaking wet. No problem have a soothing hot shower and get changed into dry clothes whilst you hang your wet stuff up to dry. Pop the kettle on and have a cup of tea whilst you watch some TV all from the comfort of your lakeside home from home.

8. Take your pets with you

It’s much easier to take your pets with you on holiday with a motorhome oe campervan. As long as they have their pet passport then they can even travel to those lovely warm sunshine destinations with you. Try doing that with Easy Jet!

9. Holidays could be more cost effective

You could save money on trips depending on how you manage your trips. Motorhome holidays aren’t free despite what some may say. You have the initial outlay, insurance and servicing costs to think of. However once you have it then you can certainly have low cost trips away.  I took some friends away for a weekend break to Wales. For the four of us it worked out at £20 per person for a weekend break of two nights and that included the fuel for the return journey and the site fees for 2 nights. You are totally self contained with all the facilities you’d find in a kitchen at home. So eating in will save you lots of money and eating out when you fancy it. The choice is yours.

10. Home from Home on Wheels

A fixed holiday home or static caravan can seem an attractive choice. With it comes utility bills, maintenance costs, and other charges. A motorhome eliminates lots of outgoings. You get the second home without a plethora of new direct debits and worries. A motorhome is one way to satisfy your longing for exploration and adventure. Forget about having to stay in one place. You’ll also to be able to follow the sun and head to where the weather looks best.

Just do it!

If you’re pondering as to why you should buy a motorhome or campervan or wait till later then In the words of the famous sports brand… Just do it!

If you’re lucky enough to be in a position to get a motorhome or campervan then I wouldn’t put it off till some point in the future. Why would you? Life really is too short, and you can’t buy time so whilst you’re able to enjoy it do so, you never know what the future holds.