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Honda’s Popular Monkey Bike 2022 Gets 5 Speeds

Want to know more about the Honda Monkey 2022? Then read on.

In 2018, the new Honda Monkey burst onto our roads and came of age. This time it had grown a little in size and with the bigger 125cc engine it made it a truly useable, small but fun ride. Straight away it brought a smile to the faces of those who came across it. Read our review of the 2018 Honda Monkey.

Now, for 2022, the Monkey gets an engine upgrade, a larger gearbox, refinements to the suspension, a brand new colour and detail improvements and in this article we find out what they are.

Honda Monkey 2022
New for 2022 Honda Monkey
The Engine

The Monkey has a new 124cc SOHC two-valve air-cooled engine with 50mm bore, 63.1mm stroke and compression ratio of 10:0:1 Peak power of 6.9kW @ 6,750rpm with peak torque of 11Nm @ 5,500rpm.

A new correcting plate manages the path of fresh air drawn in and feeds an intake duct inlet and connecting tube redesigned to smooth airflow. The shape of the airbox has also been revised to further support smooth airflow, promote torque output and improve drivability. For EURO5 compliance the revised catalyser, while smaller, deals with spent gasses efficiently. The downpipe length has been altered to match the intake changes, while the muffler goes from a three-chamber to one-chamber design to improve performance and create a characterful exhaust note.

The Gear Box

The new 5-speed gearbox, replacing the older 4-speed, spreads the gear ratios further apart to improve longer journey performance and provide a more relaxed cruising ability. Top speed is 91km/h. Manual clutch operation imparts a full-sized motorcycle experience while 12-inch wheels deliver agile around-town response. Naturally, the Monkey’s small stature and assured low-speed balance allow it an easy passage through jammed traffic.

It’s also an economical engine, returning 1.5 litres/100km (WMTC mode) by using low-friction technologies, such as an offset cylinder and roller-rocker arm for the valve gear. Sophisticated PGM-FI guarantees highly efficient combustion.

The Chassis and Style

The dual rear shocks now feature two-stage springs and revised damper rubbers, for improved ride quality on bumper roads and reduced bottoming. They have 102mm of axle travel; maximum ground clearance is 175mm.

The 2022 Monkey 125 will be available in three colour schemes with a Blue Colour added to the line up. The wheels are now in black as opposed to the silver of the 2018 model.

Pearl Glittering Blue **NEW FOR 2022**

Banana Yellow

Pearl Nebula Red

Visit the Honda website for more information


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