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Road Trip

Motorhome road trip to St Nectans Glen and Waterfall

St Nectan’s Glen was the next stop on our motorhome holiday road trip of Cornwall. It’s an area of natural beauty with trails though woods and streams as you walk towards the beautiful waterfalls. 


Parking is available in the free car park situated just off the road (B3623) in Trethevy. The car park is hardstanding, it isn’t very big and you can’t overnight there. From there you can follow the signs on foot to St Nectans Glen which is about 1 mile away.

What we did

Having left the car park we started off on the trek to view the waterfalls. The signs told us it was approximately 1 mile. It was a pleasant walk along roads and through the woods with the stream running alongside once you enter the woods. The walk can be a little uphill in places so those who have mobility issues may find the walk a little difficult.

Waterfalls at St Nectans Glen, Cornwall.
Motorhome holiday road trip.
One of St Nectans Glen Waterfalls
Woodland walk

We followed the winding woodland paths, making our way along the edge of the streams of the River Trevillet, which flowed over moss-covered rocks and pebbles amongst the tree canopy.

The tantalising distant murmur of the waterfall could be heard as we strolled along the winding paths. Having walked for 10 minutes or so we came across another sign, identical to the first one that was close to the car park, telling us it was still 1 mile to the waterfall. Help! We thought we were being lead up the garden path so to speak, however concluded this may have just been a duplicate sign so we carried on our way.

At the top is a cafe which we didn’t use but I imagine is a welcome retreat after the woodland walk or prior to making your way back after your visit.

The sound and magical sight of the waterfall provides a beautiful backdrop and a soothing calm, absorb the moment, a time of peaceful contemplation.

Motorhome Monkey
The Legend

The sixth-century Saint Nectan is believed to have sited his hermitage above the waterfall. According to legend, Saint Nectan rang a silver bell in times of stormy weather to warn shipping of the perils of the rocks at the mouth of the Rocky Valley.

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The waterfall

The river Trevillet has carved its way through the slate, creating an imposing 60 foot waterfall. The splashing water gathers into a calm and shallow pool that you can walk into to experience the waterfall close up in its full glory. as the water gathers it spills into further smaller waterfalls as the water makes it journey down through the sweeping woodland.

Waterfalls at St Nectans Glen, Cornwall.
Motorhome holiday road trip.
The beautiful waterfall at St Nectans Glen
Where we stayed

Check out the places we stayed whilst visiting St Nectans Glen ; The Red Post Inn and Touring ParkGunvenna Holiday park

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